Oxygen concentrator
What’s an Oxygen Concentrator?
An oxygen concentrator is a prominent scientific tool, that’s all about presenting oxygen to humans. Diverse breathing-oriented illnesses name for this device. Then again, some human beings suffer from much less oxygen attention of their blood compared to in shape and great ones. Hence, the oxygen concentrator device is wanted in this regard as properly to achieve a proper situation.

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Who calls for Oxygen Concentrator on lease?
The patients affected by respiratory issues like pneumonia, asthma, respiratory misery syndrome (RDS), Broncho Pulmonary Dysplasia (BPD), chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disorder (COPG), sleep apnea and so on., are required to use oxygen concentrator for long length of time, consequently taking up lease might be a cost effective solutions for them. Emergency Care Solution provides the transportable Oxygen Concentrator for lease in Bangalore with less expensive fee

The way to choose an Oxygen Concentrator?

  1. Preservation price must be very low
  2. The device must be clean to port.
    Three. The device need to now not make noise.
    Four. Usual energy utilisation ought to be super.
  3. It have to be light-weight and not very bulky.
  4. It must be small and smooth in shape.
    What all models are to be had inside the marketplace?
    Primarily based on their version and features , Emergency Care Solution offers the extensive range of oxygen concentrator system for the price range from INR ,45000 to INR 1,80,000.

The Oxygen Concentrator of Philips EverFlo is favouring innovation and development, compact, green and smooth to deal with oxygen gadget that save your time and money over the route of possession. It is one of the bests promoting oxygen concentrators with its compactness and glossy design and best 14Kg in weight. It provides seamless oxygen remedy at home. The oxygen system is to be had in five litre model and it does no longer make any noise. The efficient device does no longer require of changing the filter out for upto years.

How does an oxygen device work?
Nicely usually the Air is made of 20 percentage oxygen and 80 percentage nitrogen In fashionable phrases, an oxygen concentrator purifies the air it gets, into pure oxygen which the patient can breath in thru a mask. The affected person breaths purified air that consists of 90 to ninety five percent natural oxygen and 5 to 10 percent nitrogen.

Filters and Sieve beds in the oxygen concentrator help to do away with nitrogen from the encompassing air, which results in natural oxygen appropriate for intake through a nasal cannula or mask. It has an in-built cooling mechanism that keeps it from overheating and the machine works with the aid of compression.

The way to get an Oxygen Concentrator on rent?
If you have made you thoughts to use an oxygen concentrator on a condo basis as an alternative of purchasing it. We at Emergency Care Solution offer a hassle unfastened experience at your doorsteps with leases beginning from INR. 5,000 in keeping with month. Our experience and professionally educated installation experts will display the machines right usage and help you within the excellent viable manner. As soon as after the installation. Our purchaser care group is there to provide you 24 x 7 support. Please name us on ninety one 9739354555 / 8884402266 or electronic mail blr@emergencycare.com our customer care will touch you.

Emergency Care Solution gives transportable Oxygen Concentrator for hire in Bangalore at lower priced price. We’re well known in Bangalore for our Oxygen gadget condominium offerings. Contact Emergency Care Solution for purchasing Oxygen machine on lease at very competitive price.

Advantages of Taking Oxygen Concentrator On lease
While you are in want of an Oxygen machine for your self or for someone else, then you will suppose of having it on hire. Isn’t it? Then manifestly most people could try this for these motives. Here are few advantages of having oxygen system on lease instead of buying it.

Condominium cost is cheaper than buying a new one:
Taking Oxygen system on lease will fee you less money as you want it for much less quantity of time. Condominium fee of Oxygen gadget will fee you anywhere among 4000 to 4500 in line with month It depends on which sort of machine you need to rent.


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