The Importance of Elderly Care at Home and Tips to Take Care Of

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Personal care means a host of things that will come to mind starting with oral hygiene i.e., brushing, bathing, shaving, hair care, nail care, skin care, foot care, and more. For a normal person, all these are as important as their work or family. Without proper personal care and hygiene, one can get into contracting all kinds of diseases which are out there in the environment.

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Patient Care Services At Home And Hospital

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What do you do in the case of a senior citizen who needs their basic personal care but not able to do so themselves? Emergency Care Solution is at the forefront of addressing the personal care issues of elderly and recovering patients with their dedicated and knowledgeable staff who are friendly, compassionate, and caring. When people get older, they need assistance in maintaining their personal hygiene. It is not enough that they are financially and morally supported by their near and dear. They need physical support in terms of getting their basic needs at the appropriate time every day. For the elderly, being unhygienic is psychological distress that will affect their daily routines and activities thereby creating an environment of mental suffering to them and everyone around them.

 Patient Care Services At Home And Hospital

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At Emergency Care Solution we undertake complete elderly personal care and nursing to ensure the seniors live in dignity of their hygiene and appearance so as to enable them to lead a normal life like everyone else. Activities of Daily Living (ADL) viz., oral hygiene, bathing, applying skincare creams and lotions, shaving and trimming, hair cleaning, foot care cleaning, dressing, assist in visiting toilets and using bedpans and commode, changing diapers and continence pads, lifting and move positions for bedridden seniors, etc are handled with utmost empathy and sensitivity.

Don’t let old age deny your Dignity. Be Independent!

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