Bedside nursing is one of the most basic forms of nursing, but one of the most important forms also. The care team to work together, utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, to provide and implement a care plan that meets the patient’s goals. We at Emergency Care Solution provide bedside nursing and home care services in karnataka.

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Our care takers provide bedside care assessments, administering medications, taking vitals and providing information. However, bedside care is not only caring for physical needs as listed below but provides emotional support to aid in the recovery process. The care givers are trained to provide full time and part time care for elderly clients.

We are the top-listed bedside nursing and home care service providers in Bangalore karnataka. Bedside care is an innovative and effective method of integrating high quality, evidence based nursing care. It involves clinical care that can allow people with complex conditions and care needs to be safely supported. A home care helper provides senior care, elder care, personal care, respite care and companion care to help the elderly and adults continue to live in their homes when additional help is needed. Qualified nurses have the training, experience and expertise to manage these challenging issues, so that the person they care for can live comfortably and with dignity.

Care takers focus on age-related diseases and health concerns, including the following:
• Cancer
• Stroke
• Arthritis
• Chronic pain
• Medication tolerance
• Nutritional deficiency
• Impaired mobility
• Incontinence
• Monitor ventilation
• Complex continence issues

Personal care aims to promote quality of life by promoting mental health, physical health, and safety. Caregivers are trained to monitor medication and issue reminders, and they are also trained to safeguard their patients ensuring their personal safety at all times. We provide compassionate and emotional support that would improve the quality of life of the elderly and encourage them to overcome the smallest hassles.

Our mission is to bring exceptional healthcare into each home we serve through responsible, excellent and the most compassionate bedside nursing and home care services (in Bangalore) with the sense of warmth, kindness and holistic approach to enhance the quality of life.

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