senior independent living in India

Independent Living

Independent Living communities are ‘serviced’ senior homes/ housing communities designed for independent elders that desire the conveniences of community living. It offers senior-friendly rooms/housing units & a lifestyle filled with recreational and social opportunities without compromising privacy & independence. 

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Why should one choose?

We encourage seniors to stay in their own home till they can. Some medical care could always be provided by NEMA’s Homecare assistants, nurses, etc. There has to be a strong reason for the senior to shift to our care. Few of them could be

  • Loneliness: One may be single, having lost his/her spouse. Loneliness is a major cause of mental illness such as depression and can often lead to dementia. Families are nuclear. Even staying with once children, an elder may be very lonely looking for solace. Often ‘Time’ is a commodity most in demand that children cannot offer to their parents.  One is never alone in our elder homes/ communities

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senior independent living in India
  • Accompanying a Spouse in Assisted living: If a spouse needs assisted living that may be difficult to be provided at home for health reasons, He/she will need to shift to our home. Typically, another spouse accompanies.
  • The pleasure of Community living: NEMA has a thriving community life within its homes. One dine-in, plays games, participates in various activities, visit temples/ malls/ gardens, discusses politics, celebrates functions, together in the company of fellow residents. 
  • Settling afresh after retirement: An elder couple may wish to settle with us if their children are abroad or out of the city. Staying in our serviced homes (CCRH) gives them hassle-free life and assurance of continued care, be it personal or medical. Care levels can always be increased/ decreased as per need.  
  • Lack of House-help:care Aides (maids/servants) help in tasks such as housekeeping (washing dishes, cleaning the home, doing laundry, making beds, and so on) and preparing meals. Rarely they may also provide personal care such as bathing, dressing, etc. for the individual.

As India’s economy develops and prosperity reaching the small towns & villages, it is getting quite difficult to arrange house-help. Often the support of Agencies/ Bureaus is taken for bringing-in a house-help on a year contract. Often, they are ill-trained and need to be constantly supervised by the resident himself/herself. 

  • The safety and security of residents remain an issue to deal with.
  • The resident finds it very difficult to cope, even if house help is missing even for a day. It may be due to sickness, leave, or just quitting.
  • House management: Burden of managing a house at the ripe age of 60+ may be a huge challenge itself. One needs to manage water, electricity, gas, TV, phone, Wi-Fi connections & bills, grocery purchase & stock management, house-help/s, healthcare & medications, housekeeping & laundry, etc. There is always a risk of a service disruption for a multitude of reasons. 
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