Supportive, Rehabilitative, & Palliative Care for Cancer Patients

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Cancer is a physically and emotionally exhausting illness for the patients and their families. The curative treatment may entail several sessions of chemotherapy, multiple hospital readmissions for clinical interventions, follow-up sessions with the onco-specialist. All of this can cause the patient to develop an aversion to the overall treatment protocol.

The family members also start experiencing anxiety due to their loss of control over the situation.The coordination of different clinical services, caring for the patient, making frequent hospital visits – all of this takes a toll.

Our cancer care at home service provides the much-needed relief to the patients and their family caregivers during these difficult times.

What Is Supportive Cancer Care At Home

Cancer patients often want to be around their loved ones in the comfort of their homes as they undergo the long and painful treatment process. The familiar settings of their home and being surrounded by family provides them the emotional support.

We enable supportive cancer care so that the patients can continue to receive the attention of their specialist without having to be at the hospital. We combine our telehealth platform with our clinical network of trained medical professionals and proximity clinics to provide best possible care to patients at home.

Continuity of care
Continuity of Care

Cancer patients often miss the attention of their specialist at home. This lack of follow up care from the treating specialist and breakdown in continuity of their care protocol can impact patient outcome.

Our approach to cancer care at home is based on the idea that patients should continue to receive the attention of their specialist without hospital admission. The continuity of care and specialist’s follow-up protocol at home for the patients improves the treatment outcome.

Dedicated Doctor for Each Patient

We believe that the relationship a doctor develops with the patient is extremely critical for improving treatment outcome. This is possible only when the home care of the patient is driven and monitored by the same doctor.

We ensure each patient has a dedicated doctor working with them and extending the follow-up care protocol of the treating specialist. The Care Doctor is available for online and physical consults when needed. Our Care Doctors also coordinate with the treating specialist and keep them informed of the  patient’s progress.

Dedicated Doctor for Each Patient
Supervised Episode Management
Supervised Episode Management

Cancer patients usually deal with a lot of side effects and clinical episodes for which they end up making hospital visits. Instead, we bring the episode management process at home for the patient. Our clinically trained staff provides relief to the patient by providing interventions at home. These interventions are monitored by the Care Doctor.

Our cohort analysis of 2019 shows that we manage 96% of episodes at home and prevent hospital visits.

Daily Patient Monitoring

Our team monitors the vital signs like BP, pulse, temperature, etc. of the patients on a daily basis and digitally records them for quick and easy access. These recording are then made available to the treating specialist whenever needed. The digital records of these vitals can also be accessed by the family of the patient during specialist consultation.

Daily monitoring also helps our Care Doctors identify the early warning signs of distress and act quickly before the situation worsens.

Daily Patient Monitoring
Pain Management

Pain is one of the most common side effects experienced by the cancer patients. For some, it can prove to be quite debilitating and affect their functional life. Untreated pain can also deteriorate their quality of life.

We work with pain management specialists to extend their treatment at home for pain relief. Our team measures the intensity of pain on NRS scale to offer pain management intervention at home. Our approach is focused on bringing relief to the patients and improving their quality of life.

Benefits of Ubiqare’s Cancer Care at Home

  • Decreases
  • Total Cost
  • of Care
  • Reduces
  • Hospital
  • Visits &
  • Re-admissions
  • Reduces
  • Anxiety &
  • Improves
  • Patient
  • Outcome
  • Support for
  • Family
  • Caregivers

Cancer Care & Quality of Life

We work with our patients to improve their daily functions. Our multi-disciplinary approach with a focus on wellbeing creates a positive impact on quality of life. We help them deal with anxiety, pain, treatment side effects, etc.

We also support the patient’s family in  coordination of different types of medical services and understanding the treatment protocol and its expected outcomes.

Supportive Care

We provide supportive care to help the patients get through their curative treatment and gain best possible outcomes from it. This includes:

Doctor-Driven Interventions like,
but not limited to:
  • Doctor consultations
  • Specialist protocol
  • Home visits
  • Episodic management
Skilled Nursing Interventions like,
but not limited to:
  • IV (Hydration + TPN)
  • PICC Line Care
  • Central Line Care
  • Ryle’s Tube (I & R)
  • Lymphoedema
  • Stoma Care

Rehabilitative Care

Our rehabilitative care is aimed at restoring the functional movements of the patients as much as

possible and to help them put their life back together.

Palliative Care

Our palliative care approach offers symptom relief to the terminally ill patients and helps

improve the quality of life.

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