As we grow, so do our parents. With ageing comes physical and cognitive deterioration. Time or distance often deter you to take special care of your parents as they get older. Home healthcare not only ensures your loved one’s quality of life and happiness but eases your life as well. It’s in the best interests of your loved ones. Having said that, it’s important to understand the challenges that come in the way of the family members in taking care of their ageing parents.

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Constant state of Denial: As kids, your parents took care of your needs, nurtured you to-wards your career path, and ensured your safety and security. With ageing, the parenting roles often reverse. Many elders have difficulty leaning on their children for support as they get older. They may be embarrassed asking for help or elder care home services to take care of their daily activities. They value their independence and view such services as invading their privacy. They are often reluctant to spend on themselves—consider it a luxury. Since it’s the family that takes care of the home healthcare expenses like employing Nursing Services Banglore generally, the elderly vehemently avoid any discussions on it. These could be reasons well enough for their constant state of denial.

Physical and Emotional Distance: As our lives evolve, so do our relationships with our parents. Professional priorities and commitments increase the physical and emotional distances over time. This makes it more difficult to express your love and concern for them. For your loved ones, social circles dwindle, and health problems may increase. Social isolation and loneliness engross their thoughts. That’s likely what most of our elders go through. Asking about a transition in their home healthcare management or asking whether they require nursing care at home can be invasive, and put you in an emotional grinder of sadness, hurt, and anger. Remember that you cannot fully understand what they are going through. Their life experience is different from yours, and so are their decisions. Make sure that you express your concern for them by lending your love, support, and empathy while communicating.

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Finding the right caregiver: Planning and executing a change in your loved one’s lifestyle, like engaging elder care home services requires strength and patience. Figuring out their needs, understanding the options, and making the final decision can be overwhelming. You want the best hands to care of your loved ones but also don’t want to take away their inde-pendence. The elderly need care and dignity that respect their boundaries. Most caregivers focus on physical health needs, while completely overlooking the various aspects of emotional needs— just as important as their physical health. Since Covid-19 has made it difficult to receive help from neighbours and friends, well-trained caregivers who can become your extended family can provide you some peace of mind.

Financial Constraints: Even as you grapple with emotional and psychological stress, finan-cial stress may sometime occupy your mind. This is because home healthcare benefits do not get covered under Medicare or other health insurance policies. It has more to do with the evolution of the entire home healthcare ecosystem, where government support and accreditation are the need of the hour. In the current scenario, identifying the elderly’s unique needs and engaging a personalized elder care services at home can ease some of your financial burdens.

Before you can help your elderly loved one, you need to understand their situation. At Seno-care, our caring and compassionate Care Managers understand the physical and emotional needs of the elderly to help them in a way as you would.

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