Our Elder Care Service offers the best preventive and general health monitoring for the elderly. Here we will provide home medical care and attention for your loved ones. Our well trained and compassionate team of professional medical personnel will gladly assist your family members with their day to day activities and medical needs during their old age.

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  2. Importance of Elder Care
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​What is Elder Care?

Elder Care, also known as senior care, aged care, or elderly care and is a special type of care that is designed to fulfil the needs and requirements that are distinct to senior citizens. This type of care package includes various services like assisted living, adult day care, home care, nursing care, and long term care to take care of your elderly parents.

In reality, Elder Care does not focus on a person’s age but rather on the accompanying physical limitations, diseases, and illnesses that are associated with old age. Caregiving for Elderly has grown into popularity over the years due to the increasing number of people that are unable to provide the proper care and attention that their senior family members need due to their commitment to their work and careers.

In addition to that, people who are physically located in another country or living far away from their senior family members have also taken interest in acquiring elder care services due to their eagerness to provide reliable and efficient health care for their family members and loved ones.

Importance of Elder Care

Old age can be quite difficult whenever your health begins to deteriorate and you become dependent on other people to help you perform your day to day activities. During this stage in life, a person will need the most compassion, attention, and care to successfully live life comfortably.

The truth is that as a person’s age progresses, he or she becomes more prone to illnesses and diseases that will affect his or her lifestyle. Various medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart failure, kidney infections, joint pain, and cancer become more likely to affect our senior family members and should be given the utmost care and attention to prevent or manage it successfully.

In general, our elders wish for good health, peace, and dignity in their lives. Understanding their needs and acting upon it will ensure that our senior family members live the rest of their lives with content and happiness

Providing our elders with reliable and proper elder care services will allow them to maintain good health and dignity in life. Moreover, elder care services will allow you to express how much you care for them, plus it will give you the peace of mind and assurance that your family members and loved ones are taken care of properly.

When Do You Need Elder Care Services?

Elder care services are not a requirement for every senior member of your family. Some elders will never need any type of care services to live the remainder of their lives happily. On the other hand, elder care services become necessary when your loved ones experience difficulty in performing his or her day to day activities safely and independently.

Senior citizens that experience a general decline in their health often require an introduction to elder care services. Their inability to handle daily activities due to several reasons, such as senility, failing eyesight, and arthritis, may endanger their health and at the same time make their lives difficult without the proper assistance, care, and attention that elder care services can provide.

In addition to that, elder care services may also be needed whenever your senior family member is recovering from surgery, stroke, or other medical conditions that require special attention and care. Moreover, elder care is required whenever your loved ones suffer from a health condition that hinders his or her ability to safely perform activities that are necessary to complete his or her daily life.

Family members, besides the doctor, are usually the ones that recognize the need for elder care. It is really up to you to decide whether your senior family members need elder care services to monitor their health and ensure that his or her daily needs are provided and taken care of.

Types of Elder Care Services Offered by Emergency Care Solution

Elder Care – General Health Monitoring

Emergency Care Solution Elder Care – General Health Monitoring service focuses on monitoring the health and well-being of your senior family members. This care service allows your elders to enjoy the comfort and convenience of being assisted by our well trained medical personnel in performing his or her daily activities which includes meal planning, monitoring medical regiment, and companionship.

Elder Care – Preventive Health Monitoring

Our Elder Care – Preventive Health Monitoring service concentrates on reducing the risks of patients acquiring new disease and illness through precautionary actions and steps taken by our medical staff to make sure that your senior family members remain healthy and strong for the rest of their remaining life. This care service is one of the best ways to keep your elders physically and mentally fit.

Preparing for Emergency Care Solution Elder Care Service at Home

Before choosing any of Emergency Care Solution Elder Care service for your loved ones at home, you should evaluate which of the following services that we offer will benefit your senior family member more efficiently. Furthermore, you should also put into consideration that all of our care services can be modified to fit your care needs and requirements more appropriately.

Now, after deciding which care services you prefer to acquire, it is advisable to make the following preparations to make your selected care services run smoothly and more effectively.

  • Make sure that all medications and prescriptions needed by your elders are readily available to our medical staff
  • Write down the contact details of family members that can be called in case of emergencies
  • Post the name and contact number of the doctor that is currently in charge of your elder’s health records and medication
  • Provide a list of your elder’s special dietary and nutritional needs to our medical staff so that he or she can prepare the necessary meals and nutritional supplements accordingly
  • Supply a list of exercises or daily activities that are needed to be performed as prescribed by your senior family member’s doctor
  • Inform our medical staff of any concerns or special needs that he or she should take care of

Even though all our medical staff are highly trained and compassionate, taking care of elderly parents can be challenging whenever there is resistance involved. It is advisable to inform your elders in advance that someone will take care of all his or her needs to set expectations and make it easier for our medical staff and your elder to bond.

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