Now that the temperatures are cooling, there has never been a more optimal time to get outdoors and get active! And with the heat of summer a near memory, we encourage the elderly to enjoy the less humid temperatures. How can you help them make the most of the fresh air while it lasts? Consider these helpful tips to better keep your loved one active, alive and invigorated by fall’s cool rush:

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First Things First: Before starting an exercise program, consult a doctor. This is especially important when working with an in-home care provider service, such as Emergency Care Solution. If you suspect that an elderly individual you are working with has limitations, make sure he or she consults a doctor before engaging in any routine that includes an extended amount of physical activity.

Play Seasonal Games: With football season upon us, outdoor recreational games are getting big play. Consider involving your loved one in seasonal traditions, such as a bean bag toss game (also commonly called, “bags”). The total point values are gained in three tosses. Bean bags is an easy game that provides companionship, interactivity and above all else: Low impact physical activity.

Walk it Out: Establishing a walking routine this fall is a fine way to not only stay active but also view the trees’ beautiful color changes. As a caregiver, you can serve as a regular “walking buddy.” Try using a pedometer to help track steps—it can also serve as an excellent motivator for your loved one. Keep track of your walks via a calendar. Also, consider scheduling the walk at the same time each day to ensure a more stable routine.

Great Big Bake-offs: Nothing says fall more than homemade apple pie—and sometimes, a pie can taste better when the apples come straight from the trees. Organizing an apple picking outing at a local orchard is a fine way for a senior citizen to enjoy the true essence of the season. Then, spend some time together baking while the smell of fresh apples fills the home. What better way to usher in the year’s shortest, sweetest season?

And speaking of fall . . . The first day of fall marks “National Falls Prevention Day” on Sept. 23. Follow ECS on Twitter and Facebook for tips and articles that can help your loved one stay safe in their homes. Have a great weekend!

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