A visit to the hospital some time back changed my entire perception of life. My mother suffers from a host of chronic ailments. Primarily amongst them are the 8 facts about post-operative care and rehabilitation that will surprise you! and Myocardiopathy issues due to which I happen to visit the hospital often. Most recently, she underwent a pacemaker insertion and the sight of multiple tubes surrounding her frail body was heart-wrenching. But to my utter surprise, I realized that I was the only one feeling miserable in that room. My mother was unaffected and was smiling. There was this unmistakable hope oozing from every word when she spoke about meeting her grandchildren and their school exams. There in that modest room of 15 x15 sq. feet, a seventy-five-year-old had against all odds, defeated the most fatal diseases. And those times with her taught me the most important lesson of my life. We can be in pain but whether we choose to suffer from that pain is entirely our choice. This epiphany led me through myriad thoughts about the entire process of ailing and healing. And what I rediscovered was something that most of us have deeply internalized but seldom realized. Our very first instinct during any illness is always fear. We get terrified, we run, we hide, we eventually surrender and we keep suffering! But never do we consider dealing with, fighting and, defeating it. We insularly view any major illness as beyond our capacity and fail to trust the higher power that heals beyond all odds. If our perception of the situation was true, we wouldn’t have witnessed any miracles! But the fact that so many people have unbelievably overcome their illnesses cannot be ignored. My mother is the biggest example. There must be something these people may be doing or thinking differently. Something, that was positioning them better on the road to recovery. Searching for answers to these questions and my mother’s unfazed spirit inspired me to start a . (It offers extended out of hospital care and ensures a strict continuation of the treatment plan prescribed by the physician) I was further motivated to experiment with a unique line of treatment along with the regular medication and therapies. Our team of doctors, nurses, and, caregivers decided to encourage our patrons through consistent optimism, love, and, care. And the results were phenomenal. The hope and faith that was rekindled in their hearts led them to fight their illness with renewed courage and conquer it. They were exhibiting unbelievable progress as compared to their counterparts who accepted defeat and succumbed to their suffering. There was a secret that we had found in our continuum care and it was attracting miraculous recoveries. It was courage. And let me tell you that this secret can work for the rest of us too. If only we learn to believe more in the power of fighting and surviving instead of meekly surrendering every time. Covid times have been very tough on everyone. Almost everyday day we hear people quitting and ending their lives. Being in the healthcare industry where healing is such an inevitable part, it disturbs me to see people give up like this. Hence, I urge you all to look forward and give hope & faith a chance. I urge you all to muster up that little bit of additional courage, to fight a little harder and, become a proud members of the survivor club. Because that’s where you belong and that’s where we were all meant to be.

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