“Once you’re an adult, you don’t need to get regular health check-ups done.” 

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“Regular check-ups are only necessary for children and senior citizens.”

“I don’t need regular check-ups, I don’t have any health problems.”

These myths need busting. Let’s see why individuals of all age groups require regular health check-ups: 

  • You can stay up to date about your body’s health.
  • Regular health checkups serve as the best means of preventive healthcare.
  • If you’re predisposed to genetic diseases that run in your family, you can stay ahead of the management and treatment plan and minimize the effects of those diseases.
  • If you live in an area that is affected by a particular kind of virus, a checkup would reveal any risks and enable you to strengthen your immune system beforehand.
  • Regular checkups lead to reduced healthcare costs in the long run.
  • Identifying underlying issues that may result in life-threatening diseases becomes easier.
  • Building and maintaining a rapport with your doctor can result in a smooth doctor-patient relationship.

While it is true that children and senior citizens should get regular health checkups done, it should also be noted that everyone needs to get checkups done at stipulated intervals. Regular health checkups are a part of preventive healthcare, a concept that is slowly gaining acceptance as a means to increase the quality of life for people everywhere. 

Preventive healthcare is an important branch of medicine which must be taken very seriously. Most deaths due to cancer occur because the diagnosis comes 4 stages too late. Getting regular checkups can give people a much better chance of detecting a problem well in time and finding the right treatment for it.

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