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Nothing beats the comforts of home, so it is not surprising that an AARP survey revealed that approximately 90% of Indian seniors wish to stay in their own home for as long as possible. Aging in place offers a wealth of benefits, such as:

  • Familiarity: Seniors are intimately familiar with the layout and organization of their home. They know how to navigate and find what they want, and they feel relaxed and comfortable in a recognizable environment. This can be especially beneficial for those experiencing cognitive decline.
  • Routine: Seniors are used to their consistent daily routines and the predictability of life in their own home. They feel secure. A new environment can lead to confusion.
  • Health: Studies have shown that seniors tend to have better health outcomes and improved recovery when living in their own home versus a nursing home or assisted living facility.
  • Independence: In their own home, seniors tend to feel more in control of their lives and their surroundings. With so many changes occurring with aging, this can be reassuring.
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Non-Medical In-Home Care Can Keep Seniors in Their Homes Longer

As individuals age, they often require increasing levels of assistance completing everyday tasks. But that does not mean that they must move into a nursing home or assisted living facility. With structured support and a personalized in-home care plan, they can continue to safely age in place. This can be beneficial not only for their mental health, but also their financial health, as non-medical in-home care can be a cost-effective alternative.

At Emergency Care Solution, we conduct a multi-point assessment that provides details regarding each client’s unique needs and goals. Our caregivers are well-versed on the individual’s:

  • diagnosis and prognosis
  • medications
  • personal care needs
  • nutrition and dietary needs
  • fall risk
  • other critical care-related information

A comprehensive care service plan is created to address these needs and create an environment where the client can remain in their home and live as independently as possible. Caregivers provide necessary services to improve safety, adherence to medical treatment plans, and enhance quality of life. Seniors play an active role in decision making and guiding their care, which fosters a positive, constructive relationship.

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If or when the time comes that the client’s needs exceed the capabilities of non-medical in-home care, Emergency Care Solution can help families navigate the process of transitioning to assisted living, a nursing home, or another care facility.

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