Recuperation from an infection or surgical procedure is care-intensive and multi-dimensional. Submit discharge from sanatorium, one needs to have the proper mix of care and supervision to make sure speedy healing. Along with proper medical care, mental and emotional rejuvenation is similarly crucial. Elderly home & Seniors Assisted residing house home is a pioneer in providing best-in-elegance rehabilitation care via our chain of residential care centres across Bangalore. Aptly called as Continuum Care Centres, they deliver comprehensive rehabilitation care in flawlessly safe and at ease environment.

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Aged domestic & Seniors Assisted dwelling residence home homelike in-residence rehabilitation middle affords safe, comfortable, and non violent environment to sufferers for his or her publish-operative rehabilitation. Both the facilities in Bangalore offer rehabilitation for people who are present process remedy for cardiology, oncology, nephrology, neurology and orthopedic conditions, which includes:

Overall knee substitute
General hip substitute
Coronary Artery pass Grafting (CABG)
Ache management and Palliative care
CVA (put up-stroke rehabilitation)
Spinal twine damage
Fracture neck of femur
Parkinson’s disease
Alzheimer’s disease
Dementia continual kidney sickness
Elderly home & Seniors Assisted dwelling residence domestic Continuum Care Centres provide comprehensive and custom designed rehabilitation care which enables each patient to gain their man or woman goals. All our centres have fully-equipped physiotherapy units where in-patients are taken via a planned physical remedy regimen for his or her recuperation, six days a week. We also provide Occupational and Speech remedy at these centres via our associate crew of fairly-qualified Occupational and Speech therapists on a want basis.

Our physiotherapy crew works towards rehabilitation of individuals with physical impairment and pain. In addition they focus destiny injury prevention. Our physiotherapists create character remedy plans based at the needs of sufferers and as counseled through the referring representative

Rehab cognizance regions include:

Improving energy and mobility within the body and lower extremities
Improving motor manipulate for a resident who has suffered a stroke
Growing coordination, stability and the potential to stroll following a fracture
Increasing normal power conditioning, variety of motion and staying power
Ache management

Occupational remedy
Our partner network of expert occupational therapists is assigned on a need basis for treatment of our sufferers whose functional skills, day by day sports and independence were impaired by means of infection, injury or ageing. Occupational remedy assists our sufferers in adapting to their social and bodily environment through mastering tasks crucial for daily living.

Speech and Swallow remedy
Our panel of speech therapists offer a variety of interventions to assist repair talents inside the regions of conversation, swallowing and cognition. Treatment programs are designed to help residents tormented by stroke, mind harm, dementia, and other neurological issues.

Key Intervention areas in which our Speech Therapists can make an impact consist of:

Speech and voice readability
Comprehension and verbal expression
Growing chewing and swallowing potential
Maximizing cognitive language abilities: reminiscence, hassle-fixing, and abstract reasoning

Through a established aggregate of professional nursing, effective physiotherapy and doctor-supervised treatment regimens at our continuum care centres in Bangalore, we have helped loads of patients recover and efficaciously rehabilitate themselves.

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