We at Emergency Care Solution aim at providing the best we can to our Patients/ Residence. Here is a glimpse of what we offer, however we welcome you to our premises whenever you wish.

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Assisted Care – Assisted Living Facility
Assisted Care Aging parents and their working children face the challenging situations. An older person starting to develop dementia , Alzheimer, Parkinson, such as Neuro Problems or a related condition Advanced chronic illnesses that limit daily function and/or cause frequent hospitalizations, such as advanced heart failure, illness Sick, advanced chronic pulmonary disease, or a progressive Bone and neurological condition Sudden disability after a fall, stroke, or other issues health emergency Difficulty recovering from a hospitalization, especially if the older person experienced delirium or other complications Diseases Advanced age, which can eventually bring on general frailty and loss of physical strength Aged related . Very advanced age also tends to bring on more noticeable Regarding age-related cognitive changes, and is a strong risk factor for developing dementia and Other Bedridden factors as well.

Rehabilitation Center 
Rehabilitation is a treatment or treatment designed to facilitate the process Rehabilitation is a treatment at Emergency Care Solution or treatment designed to facilitate the process of recovery from any injury, illness, or disease to as normal a condition as possible. We have Top Good facility for all Kind

Geriatric Care
Geriatric Care : Geriatric is a science of medicine which deals with medical & health problems for the Aged Emergency Care Solution Geriatrics is the Best Health Medical care to the aged Needy with the prevention and Treatment of diseases in older and aged people we Provide Geriatric Care Nursing facility with Doctor Care which its a Must for Geriatric Related Diseases

Terminal Care

Terminal care is a long-term illness care which may or may not be curable. Emergency Care Solution Provides adequate treatment for terminal illness old age Bedridden etc. However, some kind of medical treatment may be appropriate anyway Round the Clock , such as treatment to reduce pain or ease breathing.

Old Age Home-
Home for Senior Citizen
Emergency Care Solution offers old age home facility as well – a residence where senior citizens . Emergency Care Solution Old Age Home is a leading elderly care taker in Bangalore For any senior Citizen Need A Good Senior Citizen Home To Serve You At Old Age with Love affection and care?  among elders is to get adequate, well balanced, hygienically Home cooked food in time with all Good facilities

Post-Operative Care
Postoperative care is the care you need after a surgical procedure. It includes pain management , Emergency Care Solution Postoperative care Post Surgical care Post Hospitalization care in Bangalore facility is the care you receive after a surgical procedures. The type of postoperative care you need depends on the type of surgery , Bedridden, Respite Care , Diabetic Care ,depends on the person to person , as well as your health and your case history. It often includes pain management and wound care. Postoperative care we are the best Choice you made

Short Term Stay and Long Term stay
Emergency Care Solution welcomes your aging parents for a day visit or a short term stay as well.

Emergency Care Solution Clinic
Emergency Care Solution Clinic specializes in this branch of health care dealing with the problems

Emergency Care Solution Mental Health Care

Home for Mentally Sick Home for Mentally Disabled, ill , sick ,

Mentally Challenged, we have Mental Health unit where Doctors psychiatric ,

Counselor work for Mental Health

Emergency Care Solution Home Nursing Service

we Provide Home Nursing Service our Nurses will Stay round the clock and take care of Patients

with Affection Serving is your fashion and motto Ambulance Service

We provide 24 x 7 ambulance services. Emergency Care Solution And Doctor Visit

Ambulance Service

We provide 24 x 7 ambulance services.

Emergency Care Solution And Doctor’s Visit
• Doctor’s consultation & treatment at our Homes comfort.
• Help with all aspects of personal hygiene and dressing
• Assistance with toilet use and continence problems
• Help with feeding
• Complete Nursing tasks
• Nutritional Feeding
• Administration of medicines
• Helping with mobility/ambulation
• Provision of emotional support
• Providing Happy Comfortable stay to the patient

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