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Description Gases like oxygen Are extensively used in the health care business for patients who need help breathing, For administering Anaesthesia during operations etc. So Cylinders not only need to be safe, they have to be free of containments as well. Medical Gas Cylinders comply with stringent national and international standards, and we take special care to ensure that they have smooth, clean internal surfaces to prevent contaminants being trapped in them. We can supply the cylinders with bullnose valves. The external surface of these cylinders is coated with good quality enamel/epoxy paint to meet Indian standards, or to cater to specific customer requirements. Please see the table below for details. If you need more information, Weight -16.5kg Diameter Outside-6.5” Length/ Height-640mm (25.20”) Reliable & Cost Effective Oxygen Therapy, Durable Oxygen Concentration-100%

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Features:Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Rent in Bangalore

  • Seamless Oxygen Cylinder
  • Portable Cylinder & Aerosol Can
  • Breathe Oxygen & Instant relief
  • High purity of gases
  • Safe & Easy to use


  • Get low pressure/high pressure
  • Aluminum Portable Cylinders
  • Suitable for various medical purposes
  • From 0.495 LTR to 200 LTR
  • Cylinder with Bag for easy carry

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