reclining electric wheelchair with lithium battery for Rental & sales Bangalore



    • Description

      1 Year Warranty | 22 Service Centers across India

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      • A premium Reclining Lithium battery operated electric wheelchair.
      • It is a light weight electric wheelchair with a driving range of 26 – 31 kms depending upon user’s weight and road conditions.
      • This wheelchair comes with Intelligent Control for easy maneuverability.
      • Powered with Spur Gear Motor, it can easily ascend upto 8 degree inclined ramp with loading capacity of 100 kg.
      • It has foldable back, double seat cushion, back cushion and detachable footrest, which make it very comfortable for the user.
      • The wheelchair has got pneumatic rear wheels and comes with anti-tipper which stops the wheelchair from tipping on inclined plane.
      • The Lithium battery takes 6 – 8 hrs to get fully charged.
      • The width of wheelchair is 0.685 m that can easily pass through lift door and bathroom door (generally the bathroom door width is 0.7 m)
      • This Electric Wheelchair comes with 1 year Warranty
  • Specifications
    Seat Width17 inch
    Seat Depth17 inch
    Height of Seat from the floor18 – 19 inch
    Maximum Weight can carry100 Kg