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Description for Resmed AirCurve 10 ST BIPAP

ResMed’s innovation in technology and use of only top quality components introduces another user friendly Bi-Level machine. The AirCurve™ 10ST is a BiLevel device offering perfect patient ventilator synchrony with its incorporated backup rate. The AirCurve 10ST offers the best solution for patients who need extremely reliable, non-invasive type of ventilation either at home or in hospital
care, and is equipped with all the latest innovative technology features.

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The AirCurve 10ST VPAP Machine with the HumidAir System is an advanced VPAP device which possesses a total of five operational modes with advanced functions and outstanding features. The AirCurve 10ST is stocked with special iVAPS technology, expiratory pressure relief (EPR), automatic start and stop functions, Vsync automatic leak management, ramp function, mask fitting function and
other great performance features as well.

Key feature of Resmed Aircurve 10 ST BiPAP :
  • Climate Control with built-in HumidAir™ humidifier delivers constant temperature and humidity levels for enhanced comfort
  • Enhanced Easy-Breathe motor makes for a quiet and peaceful sleep environment
  • Continuous leak management provides consistent pressure while maintaining synchrony between you and the machine
  • Upright design takes up less space and the colour LCD screen is simple to use
  • BIPAP Modes – CPAP, S, ST, T
  • Bipap Pressure Range – 3 cm H2o – 25 cm H2o
  • SD Card Compatible
  • BIPAP machine with a backup rate of 50bpm
  • it’s come with adjustable Ti control and rise time to maximize
  • Accurate Tidal volume.
Specifications Of Resmed BiPAP Aircurve 10 ST :
Product NameResmed Aircuve 10 ST Bipap Machine
ModelAircurve 10 ST
Operating ModeCPAP, S, S T, T,
Operating Pressure Range 3-25 cm H2O

(3 – 25 cm H2o in S, ST, T Mode and 2-20 cm H2o in CPAP Mode)

Sound Level< 26.6 dBA
Dimensions(mm)116H x 205W x 150D without humidifier and 116H x 255W x 150D without humidifier
Weight1.1Kg without humidifier

1.2 Kg with Humidifier

Aircraft Use yes, Resmed confirms that Resmed aircurve 10 ST Bipap machine meets the FAA requirements
Ramp Time5-45 minute
In The BoxResmed Aircurve 10 ST Bipap machine, BIpap tubing(hose), Power adapter, Filter, Carry Bag, User Guide
ResMed Aircuve 10 ST Bipap Machine Fetueres Benifits :

TiControl: Resmed bipap 10 ST comes with TiControl. Ti Max enables you to specify a maximum inspiratory time in order to minimize the risk of intrinsic PEEP and missed effort, whereas Ti Min ensures adequate time for gas exchange without increasing the pressure setting.

Trigger and cycle sensitivities: Adjustable trigger sensitivity ensures adequate support for a light inspiratory effort. Adjustable cycles are critical for individuals who are susceptible to intrinsic PEEP or premature breath cycling. Continuous leak management with Vsync enables reliable therapy pressure delivery while maintaining synchrony. Vsync continuously monitors the flow to ensure that if an unintentional mask leak occurs, the Resmed bipap can quickly compensate and restore breathing synchrony.

Climate Control Features: Resmed ST Bipap machine’s climate Control feature maintains an ideal temperature and humidity level throughout therapy. It consists of an integrated humidifier called HumidAirTM and a heated air tube called ClimateLineAirTM.
Integrated wireless technology is built into every AirCurve 10 device – no module or SD card is needed. This makes accessing nightly therapy data through AirView fast and easy, and allows you to track and stay engaged with their own therapy by using myAir.

HumidAir Humidifier: Each AirCurve VPAP includes a HumidAir Humidifier, which is smaller than previous ResMed humidifiers. This reduces the overall size and portability of your Resmed Bi pap. If you do not normally use heated humidification, you can still use the device without the humidifier or without filling the water chamber.

VPAP ST : VPAP ST features the latest and most sophisticated respiratory algorithms in any ST Bipap machine. The Aircurve 10 ST provides inspiratory positive airway pressure and also has a backup rate to ensure that you receive an adequate number of breaths per minute even when you do not breathe spontaneously.

BIPAP Pressure Range : Pressure Range of 3-25 cm H20, which is a wider pressure range than in a standard CPAP device. The VPAP ST is intended for those with central sleep apnea, who generally need more air pressure than those with obstructive sleep apnea.

AirView Data Management Service : It is the most innovative and effective data interface available on the market. Your sleep therapy data will be instantly uploaded to a shared storage system, allowing your physician remote access to your information. AirView setup and installation are included with the purchase of any AirCurve 10 Bipap machine.

SD Card Compatible :  BiPAP aircurve 10 st includes a data card and an integrated wireless module; the wireless module enables users to send therapy data directly to their physician or healthcare provider via the internet. BIPAP Aircuve ST can store up to 365 days’ worth of summary and compliance data, 30 sessions’ worth of detailed data, and 7 sessions’ worth of high-resolution flow data.


Sales Package Content :
  1. Resmed BIPAP AirCurve 10 ST
  2. HumidAir Heated Humidifier
  3. BIpap Tubing
  4. Power Supply Unit
  5. Travel Bag
  6. SD Card ready (Optional)
  7. User Manual

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