The good old days when a doctor would visit your house for routine check-ups, emergencies and special cases are back! Doctors visiting patients at home isn’t just something that happens in the movies. A few decades ago, doctors, especially family doctors, would visit homes for routine check-ups or when called for an illness. In fact, 2-3 generations of a family would be taken care of by the same doctor. The recent surge in home care is a sign that those times are back and for good.

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House-calls were very common way before telephones existed and commuting was a phone app away. While earlier, house-calls were made due to a slower way of life with more personal relationships and poor or delayed communication, today, physicians visit homes because patients feel they don’t have time and demand convenience. They prefer to get tested, checked and diagnosed in the comfort of their homes.

At Care at Home, we understand the need for people to go back to the old practice of house-calls. It’s convenient, quick, less time consuming than sitting in a hospital waiting room. People prefer convenience over everything else. And that is exactly what we, at Care at Home, hope to provide to all our patients.

Earlier, you would send a telegram to your doctor, who would receive it within 12-24 hours, and then visit you in the next 24 hours. Your diagnosis may come right after a check-up but confirmation, preventive measures and medication would take another 24 hours. That’s almost three long days of feeling sick.

Time runs very differently today than it did decades ago. Now we need reminders to drink water! We don’t have time for face-to-face relationships, we live in a virtual world, always busy, constantly stressed. In such an age and time, it becomes imperative that we take regular care of ourselves and our family. A friendly family physician is just what we need for ourselves, as well as for our children. It feels good for a patient to know that their doctor is simply an appointment away, especially during stubborn and draining colds and fevers.

Through the ages, every patient wants a caring, friendly physician who can take care of him. Just knowing that help is readily available can go a long way in one’s recovery. Keeping this in mind, Care at Home provides mindful, understanding and compassionate medical professionals who are experts in their fields to look after patients. It is time we revived the good old days when a doctor used to visit the home!

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