Is Corona Virus a concern? Yes. Do you have to panic? No. Follow these safety measures for Covid 19 at home.

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The second wave of the novel corona virus is raging in India and across the world. But that is not a reason for panic and a rush to hospital for tests. There are basic and simple safety measures one can follow at home to keep the virus at bay.

First and foremost is not to venture out except for basic necessities. Even if one has to go out it is imperative to wear a mask always and avoid crowds and gatherings. Once you are home, immediately wash your hands with soap. Keep enough stock of masks, hand sanitizers, thermometer, oxy meter, disinfectant and medications. If you are in doubt check oxygen level periodically, disinfect objects and surfaces regularly. Even at home wash hands and wear a mask all the time. Have a list of organizations which provide information and TYPES OF HOME HEALTH CARE SERVICES near your home. Get updated on government notifications. Those who are forced to be at home and work, relax yourselves by doing some exercises, reading books or try a hobby when time permits in between work. Try to avoid watching television channels which continuously relay negative impacts of covid. Being always at home affects mental health as well. Avoid visitors if possible. While taking delivery of online items, don’t go near the person and make sure you and them wear a mask.

It is also good to have nebulizer, oxygen cylinder, Philips/Respironics Everflo Oxygen Concentrator, Why Philips everflo oxygen concentrator is top selling machine ? if you can afford it or can be taken for rent from authorized healthcare service providers like Medical Equipment Rental – A Pocket Friendly Solution. Covid predominantly affects respiratory tracts and lungs. Nebulizer helps in inhaling liquid medicines for breathing problems especially asthma patients and those who have breathing problems. It turns liquid medicine into mist which can be inhaled thru the mouth piece. It is easy and the medicine goes to your lungs directly.Best Oxygen Concentrator In India in 2022 removes nitrogen from air and provides pure oxygen, to be used by individuals whose blood oxygen level drops below 93%.

Stay Safe! Stay Home!

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