Care at Home offers Sleep Study (Polysomnography) services in the comfort of a patient’s home. Sleep Study is a test used to diagnose sleep disorders. Polysomnography records a patient’s brain waves, eye movements, blood oxygen level, heart rate, breathing pattern, as well as body position, chest, abdominal and limb movements, snoring and other noises made during sleep. It is usually done at a sleep disorder unit in a hospital or at a sleep center. Now, Care at Home offers this service at the clients’ doorstep. 

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A doctor may recommend a Sleep Study If they suspect a patient has:

  • Sleep apnea: The patient’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep.
  • Periodic limb movement disorder: Here, the patient involuntarily flexes and extends the legs while sleeping.
  • Narcolepsy: One experiences over whelming daytime drowsiness and sudden Attacks of sleep.
  • Unusual behaviour during sleep: A doctor may perform this test in case of Unusual activities during sleep, such as walking, moving around a lot or rhythmic movements.

Polysomnography is a non-invasive, painless test. It can be performed at home under the guidance of an expert technician. Undergoing a Sleep Study test at home reduces the stress and cost of hospital visits and overnight stay. Here, the Care at Home technician comes to the patient’s home and, after the test, Generates a report, which captures all the parameters listed above. Then the primary physician suggests a treatment and management plan. 

Dr. V Deepthi,

MBBS, Diploma in Diabetes Management,
Fellowship in Endoscopy
Masterclass in Lifestyle Medicine(Fellowship in Family Medicine)
MBA in Hospital Administration

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