If any family has the same problems that I faced then I recommend this service. I am recommending this service because your loved one will feel safe; your daily routine will not be disturbed. Important thing is that the nurse will be trained that she will check BP, diabetes, she will make the patient exercise and keep track of the patient’s daily routine (as recommended by the doctor).  I am a very happy and satisfied customer.

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I am writing this article to create awareness of the difficulties faced by me and how I sailed through the tough times. Let’s start at the very beginning… After three years of marriage my in-laws came to stay with us, the reasons being that were getting older and had no one to turn to in an emergency My mother-in-law was suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes, and she was on medication. Once they started staying with us, we got the chance to understand them, and their health problems, better.

In 2007 my mother-in-law had a really bad stroke – completely changing her normal life style. She had problems with her balance, co-ordination, speech, communication, eating and dizziness. She suffered bouts of confusion, repetitive behaviour  – counting on her fingers, tilting her head and lifting her hand. Whenever she ate it would be super-fast. She loved to sleep, whenever I asked her what would you like to do, her answer was, “I would like to sleep through the night.”

She wouldn’t have the patience to talk to relatives or friends; her only interest was to stay in her room, lying  down on the bed. She wanted a family member to be in the house – she would keep calling out our names, sometimes even coming to our rooms to check whether we were in the house or not. After multiple visits to the hospital for treatment she started to get better. She set a pattern of taking a bath by herself, coming to the table for breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinner.  Only thing she lacked was some form of exercise and walking.

In 2012 she was admitted to the hospital because of her low sodium level. Once she was back from the hospital we hired a nurse who helped her with her bath and took her to the park outside.

As my mother’s place is on the same street as us, I used to often leave my children in the morning with my parents. One day I went to drop off my children at my parents; when I came back I saw my mother-in-law was standing on the staircase. She couldn’t talk or walk. I somehow dragged her to her bed and made her lie down. I called my father, my husband and an ambulance. I tried to talk to her and after 10 minutes with no sign of the ambulance, my father and I decided to take her to the hospital in an auto. In December 2014 my mother-in-law was again hospitalised for almost a week, in fact she was in the ICU for five days.

Once my mother-in-law came back from the hospital, we asked the nurse who used to come in the morning to take her for walks, to work  full time but that didn’t work out. It was difficult for me to manage. Both my children are in the school and they have different schedules. We wanted someone in the house to take care of my mother-in-law during the day…as she needed someone to help her with her daily routine and to keep watch over her. Her high BP made her loose her balance and she needed help with normal routines and when immediate medication had to be given.

We started searching on the net, asked some of the hospitals we had been to, and come to know that there is a company called EMERGENCY CARE SOLUTION.We used the services EMERGENCY CARE SOLUTION. They provide  trained nurses, caretakers, daytime, night time, 24/7, in the hospital/house. Important thing is if the regular nurse is on leave then they send some other nurse in her place, so your daily work routine will not be disturbed. From 2015 we are very satisfied customers of EMERGENCY CARE SOLUTION.

Gottigere, Bangalore

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